6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

List Building

Growing your email list is a challenging feat for many bloggers around the world.

One of the major problems is that it is hard to get away from the classic opt-in form design. You know the ones that say Join Our Newsletter or Get Updates To Our New Content.

People really have a hard time putting in their email address unless they are knowing that they are going to get some value out of it.

In our minds, we think that everything we write will be valuable. The truth is our readers do not always think that way.

A great example is about 6 months ago I followed a blogger who was in the internet marketing sphere. His first two months posts were very good and were helping me learn some new tactics as far as social media marketing goes. His opt-in was “Get My Social Media Marketing Checklist Now!” Then out of the blue, he started sending email updates about his daily life and about the places he wanted to travel. After 4 months of this, I had to unsubscribe. The social media marketing checklist was pretty good just he fell off course with what his readers wanted to see.

So here are 6 techniques you can use to grow your email marketing list.


1. An Informational Ebook

List-Building-Ebook 6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

Jon Chow is one of my favorite marketers. Giving people information through his ebook that they can only receive by subscribing is a great way to get new conversions.

People want all of the secrets to improving the quality of their life or in this case their business/site. So by not giving people the secrets through your blog this will force them to stay connected. I also like to give my email subscribers random treats after signing up, things that just doesn’t show up on my blog.


2. Checklists

List-Building-Ebook 6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

Peg Fitzpatrick’s blog is considered to be one of the top 100 internet marketing blogs out there. Her email list building strategy is based upon a checklist.

Helping people build their Instagram accounts to have a great social following. If your market hangs out a lot on Instagram then she might be someone you would want to check out.

A few examples of checklists in other niches would be “Absolute Must-Bring Items For Any Trip To Asia” or “Secret Ingredient Checklist To Spice Up Any Meal”.

If you are able to help someone follow a step by step process on how to achieve their goal then you are on track to getting many new subscribers.

Brian Dean from Backlinko also uses this tactic as you can see in the featured image.

3. Free Consultation

List-Building-Ebook 6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

This is the list building strategy I am currently testing for my own business at the moment. I was at a marketing conference and someone mentioned to me I should try consulting as a way to not only get new subscribers but a way to wow my potential clients into my services.

I was pretty surprised to see the amount of people I got in the door who became paying customers off of this tactic. This tactic wasn’t as successful in growing my list quickly but I was able to turn leads into customers at a much faster pace.

4. Offer A Free Mini Course

List-Building-Ebook 6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

This is one of my favorite ways to draw in customers. I am showing you something different as you can see a Domain Authority (DA) 42 Faith/Christian site builds their email list by offering a mini-course on how to grow spiritually.

This really works with niches that have something to teach. If you’re in the health food niche you can put a mini-course on how to make your favorite healthy foods. You can do a video series of 3-5 videos or lessons on how to cook the meals.

Marketers like to do courses on how to get your first 50 subscribers in 2 weeks. The course will walk you step by step through the process into building your email list.

Step by step is huge for beginners in your niche who are just getting their feet wet. Many people do not know where to begin which is why your mini course could help them get started as well as be a loyal fan for you helping them getting started.


5. Webinars

List-Building-Ebook 6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

This strategy is done by Neil Patel himself. This is sort of like the consulting tactic I use except you reach more people at once just on a less personal level.

This is done is by going through a list of content to help your subscribers reach their goals. Then at the end do a Q&A to answer any lingering questions they may have.

This is a high conversion tactic because he offers his teaching program at the end which allows his subscribers to get access to the same classes he uses to train the people who work for him.


6. Offer a Discount

List-Building-Ebook 6 Amazing List Building Tactics To Grow Your Email List

If you have a store connected with your blog or business, one great way to get emails is to offer a discount for everyone who signs up to your email list.

Everyone likes saving money on products and they are already on your site for a reason. So not only is it a great way to get your product out there but also a way to get the customer to come back and purchase your product at full price.


Most successful opt-ins get around 6-10% conversion rate. The more traffic you get to your website, the more potential subscribers you can get. The reason you want to focus on building traffic, as well as your email list, is because email list building helps bring back current readers but the traffic brings in new potential subscribers. There are millions of blogs out there and most likely one post isn’t going to make someone want to come back or remember who you are.

Email list building is something that takes time to grow and a ton of A/B testing. Find out what has the best conversion rate for you and your site. Each site and niche will vary on what will be successful.


Jamie is a digital marketer with over 8 years of marketing, blogging, and SEO experience.